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A Wearable Drone – the Perfect Companion to your mobile phone?

Intel recently ran a competition, to find the perfect way to promote their SD card sized Intel Edison ultra-miniature computer technology. The result was a series of spectacular innovations in safety and bionics.

The winner of the prize is something special – a wearable drone, straight out of Science Fiction. As the video (see above) demonstrates, the prototype takes off, snaps a selfie of the wearer, then returns to your wrist – like a magical conjunction of modern technology and medieval falconry, where hunting birds roosted on the wrists of their keepers.

As a mobile app developer, I can’t wait to get my hands on this piece of hardware. Its spectacular enough, to have a drone which takes a selfie and returns to your risk. But what is the perfect controller / companion for such a drone? An iPhone App or Android App on your mobile phone of course!

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