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Why should you build an App?

Apps have substantial advantages over websites. While websites are becoming more app like, apps are still far more efficient at harnessing the full power of the mobile device, to offer the best possible user experience.

In addition, apps have substantial offline capabilities – your app can deliver its service in areas of poor or intermittent internet coverage.

For example, the success of apps such as Angry Birds is built on targeting people with a few minutes to spare, such as people commuting on public transport. But internet coverage of public transport routes is often poor to nonexistent, particularly on an underground metro train! Apps which do not rely on a continuous internet connection can continue to provide their service, long after websites fail due to poor mobile coverage.

Finally, the best reason of all – if you don’t act on your idea, and build your app, someone else will. In the globalised world of app development, he who hesitates is lost.

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